? Dates from Frog to Prince Charming


Headline News: G.DAMN IT Complicated Guy kissed a girl and he liked it…

This weekend:

It was one of those hang-low type weekends where you don’t really want to do anything, but you kind of want to do something at the same time. (You know what I mean.)

Earlier on Friday:

Friday afternoon I finished work and arrived home at 6 0 clock, did laundry, and by 9 decided I needed to go out and do something. Most of my girlfriends had other plans, so I called Complicated Guy to see what he was up to. And even he had plans! He and his friend were on there way to a bar in German Town. He said, “I’ll call you later when I head back to your side of town.” “Ah, allright.”

After I hung up with him, one of my girlfriends called me back. We both laughed at the fact that when I asked her, “What are you doing.” She answered, “Nothing really, just folding laundry.” I said “Really? Me too.” Then I said, “How about we go have a drink?” She said, “Ya lets go out, its Friday night and we’re seriously both folding laundry?”

Friday Night and hitting the Town with my Girl:

Well, about and hour later my girlfriend and I arrived at the bar, had a couple drinks and guess who calls, Complicated Guy.  When I asked him what he was doing he said, ” I just got back to my house, I’m folding laundry now.” (I guess Friday was a folding laundry kind of night?) I told him we were at the bar, “If you like, you could come join us?” He said, “Ya that sounds fun, I’ll be over in a few.” I answered, “Great!” I was so excited to see him and for my girlfriend to meet him.

Two Girls Alone at the Bar:

Complicated Guy came in shortly after, while my girl friend and I were the only ones sitting at the bar. I was helping my her write lyrics to her song, (I know how cliche, writing a song at the bar) when Complicated Guy greeted us then sat down. Before long he was helping us finish the lyrics to my friends song. As we finished the last line in the song we began conversing about our favorite bands, wines, college parties, classes, and graduation. We talked for awhile and then realized it was last call and the bar tender was closing up shop.

Complicated Guy walked my friend and I to my car and I drove her home. In the car I asked her, “What do you think about Complicated Guy?” She paused and said, “I don’t know. He’s allright. Something about him irritated me.” I said, “Really?” She smiled and said, “Ya, the way he phrased his words, I could tell he was nervous or insecure or something.” I replied, “Interesting. When I first met him I never picked up on that.” She answered, “Well, I am a very insightful person. I could also see how you connect though. You know each other well.” “That is true,” I said.

Driving home-I HAVE TO GO PEE!!!:

I call Complicated Guy on the way home to tell him I had a nice time. Then I said, “I am passing by your place right now and I really have to go pee!” He said, Okay, I’ll open the door for you.” (Okay, I really did have to go pee, but I also just wanted to see him and really talk.)  I run inside, go pee, and stood in his kitchen as he poured me a glass of water. He said,” I really didn’t expect you to come by, I thought you’d just head back to your place.” I said, “Ya, I was, but I had to go pee and I wanted to see how you were doing.”  We talked for awhile and as time kept passing I became tired and we fell asleep.

Saturday was a Lazy Day:

First it was the weather, cloudy with a lot of drizzle. And second, it was Saturday. We relaxed all morning and afternoon. Talking and cuddling. About 3 o clock I was feeling chocolate pancakes so we hit up the local diner. After breakfast we met up with two of my good friends and hung out with them for a few hours. Later, when I asked Complicated Guy, “What are you doing tonight?” He said, “I may go to a party with my friends.” (So I definitely wasn’t invited? And I got the feeling he did NOT want me to come.)

There are two sides to this, 1) I spent time with him all day, he planned to go to a party. This is not a big deal, I could call my girl friends and hang out with them. 2) It was already kind of late, he should just spend the rest of the evening with me. After all, he went out with his friends last night.

Make a Decision!:

Complicated Guy felt like going to this party and spending time with me. After 40 minutes of this back and forth. I made up his mind for him. I said, “Go to the party, I am going home.”  I went home and called a few girlfriends and we watched Country Strong. We had a good time!

While watching the movie with my girlfriends I texted Complicated Guy. He apologized for ditching me to go to a party and explained, “I graduate in two weeks, I want to hang with my friends as much as I can.” Part of me cared and wanted to go to the party, (show up with my girlfriends and crash that M**** F***** Party YA!) But the other part of me just wanted to spend time with my friends and didn’t care.

Where in the World did Complicated Guy go the rest of  Saturday Night?:

I did not hear from Complicated Guy the rest of the night, or the next day. I texted him mid afternoon and he responded, “Finishing a project, I’ll call you later.” He calls me around 8 o clock and we decided to get pizza and a movie. While watching the movie he confesses.

Shwasted Last Night, I Kissed a Girl:

Here’s the part I hate the most.

There were no words, but only tears shed. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like he cheated on me. I felt betrayed. It was earlier that Saturday we spent the entire day together. What happened to the good moments of the day? Ruined.

Could I really be Mad?

But, could I really be mad? Here’s the complicated part, Complicated Guy and I aren’t officially dating. If anything, he is my best friend. Besides, aren’t I the one that is writing a blog entitled, ? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming? And aren’t I the one who has been on multiple dates with three different guys?

The Feeling is Mutual:

I uncomfortably discovered, Complicated Guy and I feel the same way. He even said, “I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m sorry, but I wanted to feel desired, to feel like another girl wanted me.” (He has his issues and I have mine) But, isn’t that what I want too?  I don’t want to feel stuck, like he is the only guy I have, who want to kind of be with me. I am looking for something and someone else too.

The Hardest Thing that I can’t deny-Unconditional Love:

I am unconditional in love with Complicated Guy. I want to help him and I don’t care if I get burned in the process. He can do anything to me, and yet I will not turn my back on him. He is my Complicated Guy and him kissing another girl does hurt, makes me angry and hate him, but I will not turn on him or stop believing that he is good. No, I don’t know what I got myself into, I don’t know what the future holds, and yes, it is unhealthy.

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? Dates from Frog to Prince Charming


Headline News: Another Date for Miss Latee!

This past Wednesday night I went on a date with a guy I will refer to as Mountain Musiq Man. I call him this due to the fact that he is a musician and is he a very adventurous/outdoorsy type guy.

Preconceived Notions:

I like this guy. His profile and description seemed sincere, honest and like he had a lot to offer. He described himself as: An adventurous and active person. A musician who teaches lessons on the side. Two passions of his are music and the outdoors. Also, he is a very caring person and when he meets the right girl he will give everything to her.

All around no red flags. The only thing I would consider being a partial ? is he wanted to keep his pictures private. But when I eventually asked him to send me one, he did. Some people are more private and I can respect that.

Dessert with Mountain Musiq Man:

We agreed to meet for an after dinner treat at Sweet Mimi’s, a frozen yogurt shop at 9 o clock. I made sure I met him at a place that was in my comfort zone.

He was there right on time, if not early. (Great sign.) And he is cute! He was wearing a nice collar shirt, jeans and a T-shirt. He also had on glasses and when he smiled it was shy but kind.

After briefly introducing ourselves, we got in line and began to order. Suddenly, not one, two, three, or four, but five people I knew from the University came up to me to say, “Hey, how’s it going?” I politely answered then realized this is the down-side to to going on a date in the part of town I am familiar with. I know too many people!

At first I felt a little akward because this was the first time I was meeting him and he was probably thinking, “Wow, who is this girl, it seems like she know’s everyone.” But, when people saw I was with this guy they let us be. I also made sure we sat outside, a little bit away from University friends.

Nice Night to Sit Outside and be on a Date:

Wednesday night was a nice night to sit outside anyway. We sat on a bench, eating frozen our frozen yogurt and enjoying each other’s company. As we ate our frozen yogurt we talked of many things, our love of music, looking for a job in the music industry, the direction the music industry is going in, our favorite venues in the city and some about our backgrounds. (Fun Fact: He is the son of a preacher! But he’s liberal. Yay!)

As we finished eating our frozen yogurt and concluded our evening, he told me, “I had a great time.” I said, “I did too.” Then we agreed it would be fun to go out again, maybe with friends or see a show, or to a karaoke bar.  That should be interesting….

Solid Date:

My overall consensus of how my date with Mountain Musiq Man went was good, solid. I like him and he is a great guy. I hope to go out with him again soon and am curious to how our next date will be.

What Happened to the Other Date that Never Happened?:

I know you are probably wondering about that guy I told you about three posts ago, (or maybe you forgot about him altogether). So, I’ll remind you. His name was Professor Soul. I called him this because he was a teacher and a jazz pianists. Regardless of who he was, he never called or texted me about that date. I assume he wasn’t interested or got busy. I am not ruling him out yet, but right now there is no date set for him and I.

On the Contrary of NO Text or Call:

Sky Soldier has been texting and calling me every few days. It seems he really likes me and wants to schedule another date. I am honestly not that enthusiastic about going on a date with him, but if he asks me out and only me, and not when my friends and I are all going out again, I may consider taking him up on his offer. I will see about him.

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? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming


Headline News: Date with Sky Soldier!

Let’s Talk About It:

It was last Friday when Sky Soldier, three of my girlfriends and I hit the town. He texted me a few days prior and asked, “Do you have any plans for the weekend.” I told him, “Yes,  a few girlfriends and I were going to see a new band.” So I invited him to meet us there.

He came out to the show, bought me a drink. How sweet. After the awesome band Mockyngbird played. (Yes, it is spelled with a y) I said, “We should go do something random. (I know what your gutteral minds are thinking, I’m sure his thoughts were not to far off from that either.) Of course he asked, “Ya, like what?” So, me being me, I came up with something. I said, “How about we all go back to the University, drive up to the top of the parking garage, overlook the skyline and blast music?” Everyone agreed,  so we began making our way to the top of the parking garage.

Before we left, Sky Soldier abruptly added, “And I could blow my grenade whistle.” (WTF) I laughed and asked, “Okay, but what is a grenade whistle?” He chuckled and said, “Have you seen  the Jersey Shore? It’s a whistle they blow on the show, they use it to blow at ugly woman.” Then I said, “Oh , I see, and how did you get this whistle?” He answered, “On spring break in Florida.” I had no response to that. I simply said, “Allright, let’s go then.”

To the Top of the Parking Garage:

There we all were, my three girlfriends, Sky Soldier and I on top of the parking garage. We blared the Beatles music, danced around our cars, and then, Sky Soldier pulls out his grenade whistle. This thing is first of all, a blue plastic P.O.S. and is the MOST ABNOXIOUS, ANNOYING, tool that a tool would use, let alone purchase.

So I tried to blow it. And I had little to no success with that. What can I say, I am not a grenade whistle blowin’ kind of girl.

After a half hour on top of the parking garage, blaring music and blowin’ that grenade whistle we all decided we had enough. One of my girlfriends asked, “I know two guys who sometimes dress up as Mario and Luigi and play over on Easy Street, you all want to go see if they’re playing tonight?” I piped up and said, “Ya, sure why not?”

We all packed into her car and drove down to Easy Street. We did not see Mario and Luigi, but decided it would be fun to walk around, listen to music and hit the bars! We walked around for a bit, but realized that after 10 o clock you have to be 21 to get into the bars. Only Sky Solider, one of my girlfriends and I were 21. So we went into one of the bars, and Sky Solider bought the two of us a shot of whiskey. (Whew, it was a bit strong, but I ain’t no light weight.)

We walked around a bit more, until my girlfriend who took the shot of whiskey began feeling sick. We decided to sit down at the Hard Rock Cafe and order something. As we finished our meals, Sky Soldier being the gentleman he is, paid for all of us. He is such a good chap!

After dinner, my girlfriend drove everyone back to their cars, which we left on top of the parking garage. (Don’t worry, my drunk girlfriend was driven safely to her apartment.) Before we all dispersed Sky Soldier said, “He had great time hanging out with all of us.” He hugged two of my girlfriends then me, and remarked, “We should all do this again sometime.” I said, “Ya, we should.”

Sky Soldier: Not quite my Prince Charming

I don’t know about him. I agree that we all had a great time hanging out, but before we all dispersed would of been a good time for Sky Soldier to ask me out on a date. A date with only him and I-the two of us.

The first date with Sky Soldier, my girlfriend, him, and I all went to an ice cream parlor. This time, the second date, I invited him to see a local band with my friends and I. It seems as if he likes me and spending quality time with my friends. If this is the case, I will admit I was never fond of sharing-nevermind that its sharing quality time with him and  my friends. Sky Soldier is a nice, sweet, generous guy, but he is not my Prince Charming.  Maybe a good friend?

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? Dates from Frog to Prince Charming


Headline News: Complicated Guy Called Me, Again!

There is so much I have to say, I am writing two posts in one day. Also, I am totally procrastinating on other homework assignments. Typical college student.

Anyway, this past Friday night Complicated Guy called me.

Late One Friday Night:

This past Friday I went to bed early because Saturday morning I had to rise early to attend a music conference. I had to be out of bed by 6:45 and on the road by 7:15. After a fun-filled night of  hanging out with my girls, I received a call about 1:45 in the morning. I saw it was Complicated Guy. I thought, Ah, should I answer it? I didn’t answer it. Then  a minute later I decided I should call him back, what if it was an emergency?

It rings, he picks up and said, “Hey, did I wake you?” I said, “Ya, I have to wake up early tomorrow so I went to bed earlier tonight.” He said, “Oh, sorry, I thought you would just be coming back from going out.” I said, “Usually I would, but I have to wake up early tomorrow.” Then he said, “Oh, well, I ordered a pizza, I’m going to pick it up.” I answered, “Oh, okay, I don’t want pizza, I’m going back to bed.” He said, “Okay, I don’t know why I called you.” I answered, “Okay, goodnight then.”

Saturday Late Afternoon:

After the music conference I arrived back at my house, took a nap, and thought maybe I should call him. (I know, perhaps it was silly, but I was kind of worried about him.) So I called him. When he picked up the phone I asked, “Hey, you doing okay?” He said, “Ya, I’m allright. I just wanted to call you last night. Sorry I woke you though.” I said, “No, that’s fine.” We talked about how our days were so far and then I asked, “If he would like to come out for my friends birthday tonight?, we were going clubbing.” He said, “No, I’m not up for that.” I responded, “Okay, well tomorrow afternoon I am free if you want to get coffee, just let me know.” He said, “Ya, that would be nice.”

Sunday Afternoon:

Complicated Guy texted me early in the afternoon and asked if I would still like to get coffee, I told him I would. The thing about Complicated Guy and I is, it is never just coffee.  Coffee turned into a drive to the park, turned into deep conversations while overlooking the cities landscape, turned into, a nice dinner, turned into, renting a movie, turned into more in depth conversation about people and relationships, turned into me staying the night. We simply enjoy each other’s company too much. Perhaps its the conversation, the fact that we are both attracted to each other, or this subconscious want for us to be around each other more. Whatever it is, he/it drives me crazy.

What it is? Where is it going? How does it work?:

These are good questions, questions that I should be asking. But…

I really don’t know what is happening. It seems there is no getting around it. I know I will always want him and I will always love him. But I also recognize that he is not in a place where he can date me. And I know I deserve, in fact, every girl deserves to have a stand-up guy that is fully present in her life and wants to be in a committed relationship. Complicated Guy is not there and I only hope that one day he can get there. I will also admit that there is this undeniable bond that deeply connects us. However, there are many more elements to making a committed loving relationship work.

Therefore I continue to ask the following question, ? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming?

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? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming


Headline News: COMPLICATED GUY COMMUNICATED!! (Okay, he called me)

It was about a week ago when Complicated Guy called me late one Thursday night (And no, not for the reasons your gutteral mind is thinking). He called me to tell me that that day was particularly hard because he was forced to quit his internship. For reasons I will not disclose, he and a peer of his had to bring their reasoning for quitting the internship to the attention their professor. I can understand why that would be stressful, it was a hard day, so he called me.

Like any decent human being I listened to him. I then told him, “If it wasn’t too late I would come over to talk in person, and perhaps have a drink?” He said, “You can come over if you like, that would nice.” I said, “No not tonight, but offered to get together Saturday night, after a concert I was planning on going to with my girlfriends.” He said, “Okay, sounds good.”

Saturday Night: Planned and the Unplanned:

I planned to see Complicated Guy Saturday night after going to a concert with my girlfriends. I hadn’t heard from him since Thursday night, so I texted him on the way to the concert. I wrote, “Hey, I’m my way to the concert, I’ll text you after.” But no response.

After the concert I called him, still no response. At this point I knew I should have drove home. Straight home. But, I pass my his house on my way home… Therefore I decided to stop by his place and just knock on the door. He answered the door and said, “Hey, you want to come in and talk?” I said, “Well ya, did you forget we made plans the other night.” He said, “No, you want to come in and talk?”

We ended up talking and cuddling for about an hour, until one of his buddies texted him, asking if they were still on for the show. I said, “What show? We already made plans.” He said,”Well, you never contacted me.” I said, “You never contacted me, I was waiting for you, and meanwhile you made other plans?” Then he said, “Well, I don’t know, I didn’t know you were going to show up.” Then I said, “Ya, well if you didn’t want me to show up, you should have at least texted me to say so.”

I walked out. Ironically, he was leaving at the same time to hang out with his buddy and go see some band.  I angerly got into my car and yelled, “I can’t believe you!” He looked at me and said, “I know, I’m sorry, I am always the asshole, the bastard, the son of a bitch who is ruining your life!” I stared at him and said, “Look, you just, don’t communicate well.” Then he shrugged and said, “I got to go.” I yelled, “Wait!” And he turned and said, “What?” Not really knowing why I said wait, I said, “Well, just call me after the show then.” He said, “Okay, I will.” And I asked, “You promise you will?” He answered, “Yes, I will, you promise you’re going to pick up?” I said, “Ya, I promise.”

Saturday Night- WTF Do I Do NOW?

In an effort to not do nothing, I called my girlfriend and asked her if she would like to go out to my favorite restaurant/bar, where in my opinion they serve the best red wine. She agreed and we had a good time, listening to music and drinking good wine.

“Promise, I Will Call You:”

Complicated Guy called me about two hours later, around the time my friend and I were ready to head out anyway. He was a bit of a hott mess. Very drunk and feeling bad. I told him I was out and I would call him on the way back to my house.

I dropped my girlfriend off at her apartment and on the way back to my house I thought, should I just go by? Then I called and told him, “I’m outside.” He anwsered the door and invited me in. As I sat down on a chair in his room, he closed the door, slid down it and said, “I’m a mess.” We talked for a long while until I realized how late it really was and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

WTF Happened Last Night?:

The next day, we spent the entire day in bed, talking and cuddling. He apologized again for being a jerk and I told him, “If you really want to make it up to me, you can take me out to breakfast.” Later, sometime that afternoon we ate breakfast.

The only aspect of the whole situation/events I can make any sense of is, everything was a mess, but the next day was something totally unexpected/unplanned. It was a really great day. The kind of day you get lost in. We didn’t care about time, we didn’t care about what we were doing, only that we were together.  Carpe Diem.

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? Dates from Frog to My Prince Charming


Headline News: You Can’t Beat All the Creepers!

My last blog I retold my-Not So Interesting Date with Mr. Techinci. Since then I have been corresponding with a few new guys. Some good gentlemen, many creepers, and one promising guy who I am planning on going out with next week.


Some of the creepers have left comments that include the following- eewwness. And you bet, I pressed delete and in some instances I also blocked them.

One guy, who’s picture just screamed serial killer, wrote in his first email to me, “You are a beautiful woman, wish I was 10 years younger.” Thanks for the compliment! Delete.

Another guy really freaked me out with his message when in his first email he wrote, “Hi there. Your beauty is intoxicating.” I just want to know what he was intoxicated with at the time he wrote that.

Now this guy was just plain rude. In his first email to me he wrote, “I must admit your [profile] was a little boring until I read you liked the Cheese Cake factory.” Really? He really wrote that. If he meant that as sarcastic joke, I’m lmao!

This other guy I emailed first. I liked what I read on his profile and genuinely seemed like a good guy. The first message I emailed him was, “Hey, how is your night going?” He then gave me a play by play list of exactly what he was doing. I decided to email him back  similar list-a play by play list of how my night was going. His response to this email was,”Okay, so where do you live?” Then I blocked him.

The Few Good Guys:

When you join a dating service this is what you sign up for, the good few and the many a la creeper.

Speaking of the Good Few:

Recently, I have been conversing with a guy who seems very promising. I will refer to him as Professor Soul. I will call him this because he is a teacher and says he is a talented pianist. We will see about that. His interest include: music, religion, art, poetry, movies, video games, taking walks and philosophy. He describes himself as: By day I am a music teacher and by night a jazz pianist. I love everything and anything that has to do with music. I enjoy getting dressed up and attending an art gallery exhibit or going to see a movie. I also love mini-adventures and driving to new places.

So far we have discussed our interests in the arts, what instruments we play, and our favorite coffee shops. The last email he sent me read, “Here is my number, call it soon.” So far, so good. Next post I will give you the details of our date!

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? Dates from Frog to My Prince Charming


Headline News: It’s going down, that is my second date with Mr. Techinci

My Second Date with Mr. Techinci: Not So Interesting

Mr. Techinci and I kept in touch over the last week when I went home for spring break. He texted me a few times asking how my break was, how my day was, and what I was doing. We planned to get together when I got back in town. I texted him when I got back in town last weekend and we planned a date this past Thursday night, which was also St. Patrick’s Day. Haha. (If prior to the date he thought I was getting drunk and he was getting lucky he was dreaming, dreaming!). We planned to meet at the restaurant at 6 p.m, but of course I was running a few minutes late (typical me). However, when I arrived at the restaurant I looked around for him, inside and out and he was no where to be found. So I called him and asked, “Where are you?” He replied, “I’m at the coffee shop.” I said, “What coffee shop, I’m at the restaurant.” He assumed we were meeting at the coffee shop, since we met there for our first date. However, in the text I told him to meet me, 6 p.m. at Dinner. Dinner is the name of the restaurant. Oh yes, it was an amusing start to date! He met up with me a few minutes later.

The rest of the evening was not so amusing. We ordered dinner, I debated ordering a beer for the above reason, but then decided I should at least have one, because it was St. Patrick’s Day! We sat and talked about how my spring break was, the maintenence he completed on his motorcycle, places he still wanted to visit in TN, how traveling every two months was becoming too taxing for him, films that we have seen and yet to see, and some more personal topics which was the only time I wasn’t bored. Toward the end of the date, which I assume is around the time he goes to bed, he consistently could not stop yawning. I went home shortly after that.

Oh No He Didn’t, Oh, Yes He did:

But before the check came, and we were talking about places in TN we have yet to visit, he asked me, “Have you ever been to Lover’s Point, it’s the highest point in town.” I said, “No, I hadn’t.” He then asked, “It’s a great view, we should go tonight,” at which time I conveniently went to the restroom and my girlfriend happened to call. I told her what he said and in panic mode I told her, “Ah, I don’t want to go!” She said, “Don’t go!.” In an effort to avoid akwardly declining, I calmly walked back to the table while still on the phone with my girlfriend. I then pretended I forgot I was meeting up with her later for drinks, since it was St. Patrick’s Day. I thank you St. Patrick!

In the meantime, while I was in the restroom the check had come, which he paid for. Kudos to Mr. Techinci for paying for dinner! We talked a bit longer, too much longer, and about an hour later we stood up and walked outside. Then came the akward hug goodbye. Arms over or under? I don’t know, its like asking, what came first the chicken or the egg? And that concluded my date with Mr. Techinci! Needless to say, that will also be my last date with Mr. Techinci.

Upcoming Dates:

Over my spring break I chatted with a few new guys. When I set future dates with them, I will be sure to keep you posted.

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