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Headline News: Complicated Guy invited me to his Graduation/Party

  I’m glad I attended Complicatd Guy’s graduation. We have been through so much together-good and bad. We also have seen eachother grow up a lot in the last two years. Complicated Guy’s graduation is a day that marks a new stage in his life and a day of pride for me as I celebrate how far I have come.

6/13/2011 Complicated Guy’s Parents Fly In:

A few days prior to Complicated Guy’s graduation, his mom called me, “Hey, hunnie, we’ll all be flying in on Friday late afternoon. Are you coming with Complicated Guy to pick us up at the airport? Then we can all go to dinner. Where do you want to go?” Things just got complicated. Complicated Guy didn’t invite me to come along and pick his family up at the airport and then go to dinner. I said,”Well, I’ll have to see, I’ll talk about it with him.” She said,”Oh, okay thats fine. If you’re busy you don’t have to come to the airport and we can figure out where we want to eat when we get there.” I said, “Ya, that sounds great.” Meanwhile in my head I’m thinking, This is going to be a long eventful weekend.”

I called Complicated Guy and we worked the plans out. He picked up his family from the airport and I met them for dinner. We had a nice dinner (his family picked up my tab, they’re such nice people) then his mom said,”We are going to head back to the hotel and rent a movie, would you like to come?” I looked at Complicated Guy and he smiled so I said, “Sure, why not?” After diner, I got in my car and followed Complicated Guy and his family to the hotel.

We put on the movie while his parents were on one bed and his brother, Complicated Guy and I were smuggled in the other. I’m not going to lie, movie was good, setting a little akward. The movie ended and after his father told me stories of Vietnam and his fight against the war. I loved that he shared his stories with me. He’s a very courgeous and smart man. I was fascinated with all he had to say.


The next morning was Complicated Guy’s big day-Graduation. That day we all were a little tired and slow to get moving. His family was tired from flying in and Complicated Guy and I were tired from finishing up finals.

Of course I woke up twenty minutes before the ceremony began, jumped out of bed, took a quick shower and ran to campus. Luckily, his family was in the enterance when I arrived. His mom saw me and waved me over. I took my seat next to her and suddenly the music and graduates made their enterance. It was an emotional ceremony. The Dean of the University spoke, quoting song lyrics which helped break up the long-typical graduation experience everyone expects. We also had Vince Gill come to speak. He gave a moving speech about friendship. This made me think of my close friends, one of them being Complicated Guy. Every family was encouraged to cheer for their son/daughter so of course his mom and I were thinking of what we should yell across the stadiem to embarrass him. We went with the typical WOOHOO!

After the ceremony Complicated Guy and some of his friends were taking pictures and congradulating eachother. I hope my graduation is similiar, with friends and family surrounding me. I also hope Complicated Guy will be there.

At that point everyone was starving so after driving to three different restaurants that were closed we settled on the first one we initially said. (Doesn’t that always happen). After a great and more than filling meal at Maggiano’s-we all were in need of a nap. The real celebration would occur later that night.

Le Party:

Later that evening Complicated Guy was having a few friends over for his graduation party. I arrived later than I wanted to because I was finishing wrapping Complicated Guy’s gift. Simple yet very thoughtful. I bought him an old fashioned movie star hat(since he wants to be a director), my favorite pen that he said he liked writing with, and a stolen bible that he, stole, I borrowed and now was giving back (Just don’t ask).

Overall it was a fun party. When I arrived everyone was already pretty wasted. I surprised him with his gift, which he loved. I talked with his roommates and a few of our friends. A few hours later the party died down and there were only five of us left. One of our friends asked, “Do you want to go to a local bar?” We all were tired of hanging around the house so we agreed and walked to a bar down the street.

Complicated Guy was sitting on my right and his brother was on my left. Finally I was able to really talk with him. We talked about the whole crazy day, the fact that he really graduated and how nice eachother looked this evening. 

About an hour later, we all walked back to Complicated Guy’s house. Now everyone had left but him, his brother and I. We sat outside talking for a bit then I slowly started making my way to my car. I was tired and cold and I had to go pee. I finally said, “I’m leaving, goodnight” and started walking toward my car when Complicated Guy asked, “Where are you going.’ I said, “I’m going to home and going to sleep.” He just looked at me a bit sad and said, “Oh, okay.” I said,” Okay I’m leaving now and I really have to go pee.” (I probably should have just went at his house, but whatever) His brother was already inside at that point and only him and I were still standing there. I began walking to my car again as Complicated Guy said, “I’ll walk with you.” Then he said, “Do you want me to come with you.” And I said,”I don’t know, if you want.” And he said, “I don’t know if I should, if its a good idea.” I said, “I’m leaving, I have to go, do what you want.” I opened the car door, sat down and he said,”Wait, I’m coming.” I drove back to my place and we fell asleep together.


Sunday morning came and he had plans with his family. I thought about going with them but decided that I should give them time together as a family. Also, I needed sometime to myself. Complicated Guy called me after they ate dinner and invited me to watch a movie at his parents hotel. After the movie, Complicated Guy drove me back to my place. I said, “I had fun tonight and he said, I did too.” We talked for a few minutes when he asked, “So, do you want to come over?” And I said,”I wouldn’t mind.” That night I stayed at his place.


Monday, the day his parents were leaving. His mom calls himin the morning and said,”Goodmorning, I wanted to call you and make sure you were up. We are going to head to breakfast soon. Where would you like to go? I’ll call (Me) to see where she wants to go.” He hangs up the phone with her and two minutes later she called me. She said, “Goodmorning, I hope I didn’t wake you. And I said, “No, I’ve been up.” Meanwhile Complicated Guy and I are laughing. Then she said, “I was wondering if you would like to join us for breakfast, we were thinking ihop? I said, “Ya that sounds great.”  Then she said,”okay, I’ll check with my son.” Again, not even a minute later she calls him back. The whole thing was quite amusing.

An hour later we met up with his family for breakfast. I enjoyed talking with all of them, especially Complicated Guy’s dad. I got to spend more time with his family and get to know them a lot  better. After breakfast we dropped them off at the airport and we both hugged them goodbye. It was sad because I really like them, with all their quirkiness. When they left it reminded me that Complicated Guy and I are not together. He even said, “I liked that you spent time with us, but it was also a little akward because we’ve been on and off and we’re not on right now. I said, “I know.”

For the rest of the day we wanted to relax. We both were very tired. He dropped me off, and I told him, I’ll call you later.” I went over his house later, we ordered a pizza and watched a movie. Thats all we both were up for.

Needlesstosay, my relationship with Complicated Guy is complicated.


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