Headline News: My Date with Tune Law:

As of now I am home again. I will be home for over a month. It is a lot more relaxing and slower paced than University life. For awhile it is nice. Although my day to day life is slower, many changes at home are occuring. First, my house is up for sale. I knew that my parents were putting it up for sale someotime this summer. I did see it coming. But it really hit me when I came home, and saw the “For Sale” sign naied into the ground in front of my house. To see it, wa sad and diseartening. Aonther big occurrene is the fact that my parents will be officially divorced in July. I have known for awhile but it still doesn’t change anything. I assumed they would many years so it really is no surprise. Needlesstosay, there are many big changes going on in my home life.

In Other News:

Last week before I left the University I went out with a man I referred to as Tune Law. We met up for our first date Thursday afternoon at the local coffee shop. He was running a few minutes late but did text to inform me. This was great because I was also running a few minutes late. When he walked into the coffee shop we recognized eachother right away. He came over to where I was sitting and asked, “Would you like anything?” (Good sign-he is a gentleman). After he ordered his coffee he came back over to the table and I kid-you-not we talked for about 2 1/2 hours.

The Conversation:

Tune Law and I have a lot in common. In fact, we both seemed to be not only interested in pursueing similiar careers but were at the same place in our careers. The discussion began with us talking about where we were from, what brought us to the South, what we liked about the city, the interesting people we have met within the city, what we are doing to pursue our music careers, how he plans on going back to college to get a degree in entertainment law, and some of our favorite venues/restuarnts we like to perform and eat at. It was also comical that each of us knew and saw a few of the same shows, at least a couple that we both may have attended on the same night. After talking for over 2 1/2 hours I said, “I probably should go, I am suppose to meet up with my girlfriend for dinner.” Then, like a gentleman he escorted me to my car.   

My Thoughts on Tune Law and our First Date:

It was a nice date. No akward moments. He was pleasant to talk with and very cute (Nice eyes). So, why do I feel like I was on an interview? We talked a lot-or mostly- about the music industry and our plans to succeed in it. I was engaged in the conversation. I could talk about the music industry or entertainment industry for hours. But, something bothered me while talking to him. I think its that I like him as a person but there wasn’t a strong connection between us. It was blah.

 I also mention to him that when I returned to the city in July I was planning on recording an EP (about 4 or 5 songs) and I needed to record the rough samples before I flew home. Being the gentleman that he was he said, “Oh, well I have all the equipment to record you at my place.” I said, “Oh, really, well I would need to record them this weekend.” He said, “Ya, that’s fine, why don’t we make a date out of it? Lunch, then after you can come over and we can record your songs?” I said, “Ya, that could work.” (I was a hesitinate because this was our first date, and I don’t know him that well. But I did talk with him for awhile and I usually have a good sense about people.) I said, “Okay, but I had previous plans with my girlfriend so is it alright if she came along?” He said, ” Ya, that’s fine.”

Second Date with Tune Law?:

After talking with my friend about the date on Saturday and recording she said, “I don’t know. I would go with you, but why is he offering to record your songs when he’s only gone out with you one time? I could see him offering after the third or fourth date but now he seems too forward.” I said, ” I don’t know, he seemed like a good enough guy,  I think he is just trying to help a fellow artist. I just wanted to be cautious and bring you.”

Over the next few days I thought about it. Do I want him to record my songs? I  decided that I really didn’t. I texted him Saturday morning and said, “I couldn’t make the date because I was going to record my songs with my girlfriend that afternoon. But we should rescedule when I got back in town.” He texted back,”I meant to text you earlier but I actually had to go out of town this weekend.” I answered, “Okay, text me when you get back.” He never did.

I do not plan on going out with Tune Law again. Not a bad guy, but he is NOT my Prince Charming.


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