? Dates from Frog to My Prince Charming


Headline News: In Other News-Complicated Guy Texted Me

Friday May 6th:

It was Friday night when instead of hanging out with a few girlfriends I was finishing a take home final due by midnight. I thought, “Oh, I’ll just work on it for an hour and then go watch a movie (Phantom of the Opera) with them.” Ya right. It took me 3 hours to finish. It was me, my final and Complicated Guy on my mind.

Complicated Guy has Been on My Mind:

What was really bothering me that week was, in between finals and interviewing for various internships, I was thinking a lot about Complicated Guy. Really, for two reasons, I missed him and he was graduating May 14th, the very next weekend. Awhile back I had promised him I would attend his graduation. We are so close and have been through a lot together. My girlfriends told me I should forget him, just let everything go, the whole relationship and move on. They said, “It is better this way, for both of you.” And when I said, “But I promised that I would be there the day he graduated.” They told me, “Well, when relationships end, some promises often are broken, that’s just the way it is.” I can’t say I totally don’t agree with them. It has been a lot of back and forth, on-and-off and maybe we would be better off without each other.  But it bothered me that I could just forget all the time we spent together for over two years. He means more to me than that. And graduation, it was a symbol of our victory. How far he had come and a marker for how much I have grown and will continue to grow while at the University. How could I forget that and move on?

I Debated, Should I Call him? Maybe I Shouldn’t?

After I submitted my take home final at 11:59p.m. I was tired and it was a little late to call/text him now. I decided I would call him tomorrow afternoon. I got ready for bed, stalked a few a people on facebook, tweeted and was about to hop in bed when I kid you not, I get a text from Complicated Guy. He texted me, “Hey, I know this is probably the worst time to text you, but I’ve been thinking a lot about you, I’ve tried to write you many times but I don’t know what to say. There’s a lot of things I want to say but I’m always afraid I’ll just ramblin on.” I replied, “I would listen.” Then he asked, “Would it be okay if I called you?” At that time it was 1:00am and I was tired. I didn’t know if I should even talk to him now or ever.

He Called Me:

Complicated guy called and I picked up. (I know, I probably shouldn’t have). He asked, “How are you doing and if I thought about him?” I said, “I was doing fine.” He apologized to me and said, “I am sorry I hurt you. I have been thinking about you a lot.” He was upset so I asked, Do you want to talk in person? Maybe go out sometime this week?” (I was also tired and wanted to go to sleep). He said, “I don’t know.” I said, “Would you like to come over and talk?” He asked, “Would that be alright.” I said, “Ya.”

He Drove Up to my House:

I decided to wait for him outside on the swing on the front porch. He walked up and the first thing I noticed was he had a tan. (Great, everyone looks hotter with a tan). He said, “Hey, you look good. ” I said, “Thanks, you do too.” We sat down on the swing and we talked about many things, mostly catching up with each other’s lives. I told him, “I was almost finished with finals, just completed writing a song for songwriting class and the recent drama of finding a small critter in my room. (Ew a mouse!). He told me, how he was feeling about graduating, when his parents were coming into town, and the recent music videos his friend and him were working on. That night was a little chilly and after sitting outside for a half hour he asked, “Are you cold? Can we go inside?
” I said, “Ya, lets go inside.”

Then Suddenly:

We both sat down and talked a bit more and suddenly I saw the mouse in the corner of my eye. And screamed! Complicated Guy quickly grabbed my bible (stolen from a motel 6) and tried to bop the mouse over the head. But it was quick and disappeared. (of course). He said, “How long has the mouse been here, did you get traps?” I said, I saw it last week, but I thought it may have died because I haven’t seen it in a while. And I laid out six traps with peanut butter in them.” He looked at all the traps, then looked at me and said, “You are not going to kill the mouse with those traps. You have to get a real mouse trap. One that snaps.” I said, “I know I really should at this point.” He just looked at me then walked over and gave me a hug. He held on to me and  said, “I missed you.” I said, “I know I missed you too.” We talked for a while more and as the night became later and the morning earlier we both became tired. And fell asleep.

Morning After:

We stayed in bed all day. Cuddling and laughing about stupid inside jokes. It was sweet. I always love being around him. We know each other so well and are so comfortable with each other, talking is second nature. That day we didn’t actually get up until 2:00p.m. Around that time, we decided we wanted pancakes at Karpathos Cafe. Good food, great Greek diner.

At the Diner:

At the diner we were still acting silly. At the table we took turns taking pictures of each other. (sunglasses on, sunglasses off). It was a lot of fun. Later we took a drive to the park and enjoyed the rest of the day together.

My Feelings Exactly:

It was good to see him. And I’m glad that he was thinking of me too. We are good together, but for how long? And I’m sure it won’t be long until he gets scared and runs from me. It is important I keep my options open. I am going home next week and space from the University and him is good. There are plenty of frogs to date in any city, including my hometown. I’ll keep you posted.


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