? Dates from Frog to My Prince Charming


Headline News: More Tools, Creepers and Maybe One Good Guy?

First, let me start off by announcing: Finals are Over! I am so excited because this officially means Summer has begun. And you know what comes with Summer, thats right, sweaty, hot, shirtless guys!

Besides studying (cramming and procrastinating) for exams I have been talking to a few new frogs. One frog, may be a little old for me, he’s 32, but he’s a helicopter pilot. Thats just awesome. Another guy is probably a dushbag, based on the fact that his profile picture is a picture of him on his sailboat (yes, he owns a sailboat), wearing Hollister clothes while holding a small glass filled with champagne. HA!

Creepers, Creepers, and Tools Never Cease to Exist:

Among the other frogs I have talked with, or rather, deleted/blocked and never will reply to, are a frog living in fairy tale land, one who is too enthusiastic (and that’s being polite), and another who is just scary.

The first message the fairy tale frog wrote was, “I am looking for a Princess.” (Okay, thats nice). I showed my girlfriends this message and they told me I should reply, “But I’m a Queen.” So I did and he answered, “I would make a great king.” Then I blocked him.

The too enthusiastic Frog’s profile picture and message were both off. His picture was a fruit stand at a market. (Strange). This makes me assume that he is some foreign guy looking to marry an American gal. Ew! In his first message he wrote this, ” Gorgeously sexy!!! You need to be kissed from head-to-toe for hrs. Call me!” Yup, he’s a creeper.

Another Frog’s message read then immediately blocked. He wrote the following, “I dated a girl who wanted to be a singer, and she had a theory that people with U-shaped smiles were perceived as unfriendly. And people with C-shaped smiles were perceived as friendly. A U is when your teeth go straight back in your mouth. A C is when there’s a big row of pearly whites in the front. And to my ex, it was more than a theory. She actually got her teeth surgically reshaped from a U to a C. Christina Aguilera is a U and Britney Spears is a C. Look at the cover of Us or any magazine, and you’ll see that it’s always a C smile on the cover. (No comment.)

The Maybe ONE Good Frog:

Yes, how about that one decent frog I have been talking to lately? I will refer to him as Mr. Tune Law because he is a musician (always playing in tune) and is planning on attending Law school to become an Entertainment Lawyer in the Fall.  Mr. Tune Law describes himself as: “I have a good sense of humor. I work in radio/advertising. I like to write and record music in my free time, and I play out occasionally when something interesting comes up.  I’m also into sports and staying active. Baseball is my favorite “traditional” kind of sport and I’ve played my whole life, but these days I’m more into wakeboarding and snowboarding. I’m trying to keep my foot in the door of the music industry any way I can. As for the future I find myself going to law school to study entertainment law in the near future. We’ll just see where life takes me… as far as this site goes, I’d say I’m here to meet a girl who is happy, likes to go out and have a good time with friends/meet new people, and is respectful of herself and of others. A good sense of humor is a big plus… but most of all we just need to get along and have fun with each other.”

Preconceived Notions about Mr. Tune Law:

From his profile he seems charismatic and a very sweet sincere person. He is someone who also seems to have a lot of drive. He may not have one direction in the music industry but I believe he is the type of person who must complete a project or goal if he has set his mind to it. I respect that about him. Also, he is really cute.

I hope to go out on a date with Mr. Tune Law this week and get to know him a little better.


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I am fun, fresh, and someone worth talking about.
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