? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming


Headline News: I Had it Coming, The Truth Between Complicated Guy and I:

Manic Sunday:

Sunday was crazy. It was Easter! Easter Sunday: breakfast with parents, cofffee with girlfriend, lunch with the rest of the family and flying back to University. (Oh, and packing and printing my boarding pass too)


At the airport, in between my 3 hour flight delay, I called friends to wish them Happy Easter. One of the people I called was Complicated Guy. He didn’t answer.

Finally, I arrived. I’m back in Town:

My girlfriend picked me up at airport at midnight. (Flight really delayed) I was starving when she picked me up so I said, “Late night run to McDonalds?” She said, “Ya, McDonald french fries!”

On the drive to McDonald’s I texted Complicated Guy. No response.

My girlfriend and I chatted for awhile, ate our deliciously greasy french fries and later she dropped me off at my house. I changed , unpacked, and still no response from Complicated Guy.

So…I Called him, One More Time:

I called Complicated Guy one last time to wish him a Happy Easter. To be a decent person, friend, whatever. He finally picked up.

I said, “Hey, I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter, I just got back in town.” He answered, “That’s good, we really can’t keep doing this.” I said, “Well, I told you I would call you over the break and wish you a Happy Easter, so here I am.” He replied, “Yes, you did. But, it’s not just a phone call, we can’t keep pretending like this. You’ll want to come see me and you can’t, because you don’t have self control. I don’t have self control. I can’t keep seeing you and act like everything is fine.” I said, “You are my friend, I just wanted to call and wish you a Happy Easter, but clearly, I shouldn’t have.” He said, “The fact of the matter is, we are in denial. We don’t have a good relationship anymore. I am not going to change and some of our differences cannot be compromised. I said, “I know, we tried. I can’t be with you.” He answered, “I know. I’ve thought a lot about us, I have tried to make it work, but what I give you is not enough. No matter what I give you want more.” (This is undeniably true). We started out great, but now we dysfunctional.” I answered, “Ya. We are. I don’t know, just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.”

Then nothing was said. He thought I hung up on him. He asked, “Are you there.” I said, “Yes, I’m still here.” But he did not hear me and then he hung up. Not wanting to leave it that way, before I went to bed I texted him one last time, “I’m glad for the time we shared. I love you. Goodbye.”

An Ending and New Beginning?:

I hope an end and new beginning awaits both of us. To say I’ll never see him again is probably a lie. I will see him again. I do not know when or in what context but it is bound to happen. Now we grow separately. This is hard. It sucks!


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