? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming


Headline News: My Heart-aches in Nashville and Home

I was sad to leave Nashville, friends and Complicated Guy. But it was time for me to go home.

I’ve been home for a few days now. And let me tell you, it is good to be home. Although it is also hard at the same time. There are so many changes here. Seeing the “For Sale” sign in my front yard, my dad buying his new condo (which he is “dying” to show me). And my parents, whose divorce will be final in a little over a month. There are many changes at home.


Before I left Nashville I spent this past weekend with Complicated Guy.

6/20/2011 Friday night:

One week after Complicated Guy’s Graduation and since his parents left.

Friday I spent most of my day organizing my room, cleaning, and collecting the items I wanted to take home.

The last time I saw Complicated Guy was on Wednesday night when we met up for a drink at the local bar. Tonight we had planned a date. Dinner and a movie.  He picked me up promptly at 8 o clock, then we headed to a nice restaurant near the movie theatre. We were having a great time, chatting away when the topic of assertiveness came up. I said, “In business it is always good to be assertive, however some managers are too assertive, they overstep their bounds.”He said, “I agree.” Then I said,”Say two people were in your way. You don’t want to be that rude annoying person, but you do want them to move. I would politely, yet clearly say excuse me. Polite and gets the point across. I don’t know if you’d say the same. You would just wait. You’re more of a timid person.” That was where I went too far. Note to Self: NEVER, NEVER, directly insult a males ego, especially sensitive males. (which is basically ALL men). He was annoyed. He started questioning me, “What do you mean by that? Why do you think I’m timid? etc.etc. etc.” Making that one statement began an interrogation.

About twenty minutes later, after we paid our bill and were walking over to the movie theatre, he began again. Finally I said,”I said I’m sorry, but if you can’t get over this, I am not going to see this movie with you.” He then apologized and said,”I’m sorry, I just hope thats not what you really think of me.” I said, “I don’t.” Then we hugged. And continued to walk to the theatre.  Hugs always make things better.

After the movie we decided to pick up some Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and some beer at the local market. We went back to his place, relaxed, ate ice cream and enjoyed the rest of the night.


Saturday morning. I love Saturdays when you stay in bed all day. (And thats exactly what we did). Complicated Guy and I lyed in bed until 1 o clock when my girlfriend called and asked, “Are we still on for breakfast?” I didn’t want to say no because I already cancelled the last two Saturdays. I said, “Sure, pick you up in an hour.” An hour of course turned into almost two by the time we arrived. (Its hard to get out of bed).

Saturday was very fun. After breakfast I drove my girlfriend to Walgreens, then to Walmart to find her a shower curtain. (Can’t beat walking around Walmart when you feel like doing something but nothing). After shopping we stopped to get a coffee and since we were nearby we headed to Complicated Guy and I’s favorite park. We drove all the way up to the top and parked my car where you can see an overview of the city.

We drove around the park for about two hours then decided to head back in the city and get dinner. We picked up a pizza and beer (best college meal ever, high in everything but nutrition) and brought it back to my girlfriends apartment.

Overall it was a nice, enjoyable day but I was frustrated because Saturday was the day I was going to record the rough recordings of my songs. Now, it was almost 9 o clock. The day was practically over. And all of us were tired.  Complicated Guy told me he would assist me on recording them, so I thought, okay, tomorrow afternoon I can record, no worries.

Soon after Complicated Guy and I left, returned to his place where we poured ourselves two night caps, and watched a few episodes of I Love Lucy (my idea and against his will)


Sunday. The next morning Complicated Guy and I planned to wake up early since Taxi Driver was playing at noon at the movie theatre. We woke up around 10 o clock and drove to one of our favorite coffee shops. We sat outside, enjoyed the sunshine and company of the locals and then took off for the movie. Everything was going well, until, he made a thoughtless comment. We were almost at the theatre, when he said,”I bet the people at the coffee shop thought we were dating. I guess thats okay. I know were not so it doesn’t matter. I can’t date you.”

Although it is evident that we are not dating, it was a still a blow to my heart. A slap in my face. A harsh reminder of reality. Yes, we are not dating, please remind me that a person who I care for, and get along with so well, a person whose apartment I slept at last night…Did I hear you correctly? We are not dating. I answered, “Yes that’s true, we are not dating. But why say it? Should we be dating? We act like it.” He answered, “I know, I’m sorry. I should’t of said anything.” I said, “Well its clear that you couldn’t stand dating me again.” He only could apologize, which made me even more infuriated. I said, “I don’t even know if I want to go to this movie with you.” Silence… Then, I said, “Well you prepaid for the tickets, let’s just go.”

After the film, the tension between us had gone away and we seemed okay. We drove back to his apartment and once inside were joking and laughing again. While I was packing up the rest of my things from the day before he sat on the bed and said, “Come here.” I said, “Alright in a second.” Then he said, “Please come here, we should talk.” (Those are words you never want to here). I walked over to him and lyed on his bed. He said, “I am sorry about earlier. ” I answered, “Its okay.” He said, “I am sorry, I keep hurting you and I don’t want too.” I said, “I know.” He said, “That is why, we need space. When you go home we shouldn’t talk.” I said, ” I was thinking the same thing. I need my space and you need yours.” He said,” I know I put you through so much pain. I don’t mean to. I was just never sure about you. I’m sorry.” At that moment I could’t help but break down in tears. Slowly one tear falling after another. He said,”Its okay, we’re going to be okay.” The only words I could muster were, “I know, I know.” After a long pause, I asked him, “You don’t think about growing old with me?” And he said, “I don’t want to grow old with you if I can’t give you what you need.” I had no response.

Suddenly all I could think about was recording my songs. I still have not done that and I was flying home that night. My time was running out. I became so frustrated and mad at him and myself. I needed to hurry up if I wanted to finish recording my songs, pack and grab a bite to eat before Complicated Guy drove me to the airport. In anger I shoved him away from me and yelled, “Nothing is getting done. I need to record my songs!” He just looked at me and said,”FIne.” I could tell he was hurt. But I didn’t care.

We both walked to his car and drove back to my place without saying a word. We arrived at my place he set up the recording equipment while I packed, I recorded the songs, and folded my laundry. I finished everything I wanted to get done before leaving.

However, Complicated Guy and I were still upset with each other. And the last thing I wanted to do was leave when we were both so angry.

I put my bags in the car and just wanted to take a drive and eat something. I was starving! After all, we both hadn’t eaten since 11 o clock in the morning.

As he drove me to the airport I hated the way I felt. I didn’t want to be angry with him anymore and I knew he was still angry with me. I couldn’t leave like this. I hated to leave angry. I would be gone awhile. I began feeling anxious. I said, “Maybe I shouldn’t leave? I feel anxious. I can’t be on a plane like this.” Complicated Guy said,”You are just upset. You will feel better when you go home.” I began thinking about home. Home. I will not feel better when I go home. Everything is different. My dad has a new condo. The divorce. I told him, “Nothing in my life is stable. Not even me. I can’t do this. I don’t want to leave today.” Shortly after I called my mom and then Southwest. I told my mom, “I can’t fly back today. It’s too soon. I haven’t finished everything I needed to do.” That was not true, in fact, I was ready to leave. But I wasn’t ready. My mom understood and gave me the information to change my flight. I rescheduled it for Monday morning.

I hung up the phone with the Southwest representative and a minute later began feeling really anxious, restless and nervous. Suddenly I felt like I couldn’t breath. I was freaking out! I couldn’t catch my breath. It felt like I was trying to breath but no air was entering my lungs. I was having a panic attack. Complicated Guy pulled the car over and held me close. He kept saying, “It’s okay, you are just very upset right now. You’ll be alright.” I was very upset. I just couldn’t take the world on my shoulders anymore. I needed to let go of all my fears and anxieties.

About twenty minutes later I got ahold myself and Complicated Guy asked,”Would you like to get dinner.” I said, “Yes, that would be nice.” We decided on Thai and brought it back to my place. However, since I was planning on flying home that night, Complicated Guy made plans with his buddies. As we drove to my place, I told him, “I don’t want to be alone tonight.” I still felt shaky from earlier. He didn’t say anything. As we pulled up to my place, parked his car and said, “I can’t do this.” I barely had time to say anything while he was pulling my suitcase out of his trunk and said,”I will pick you up in the morning.” I said, “Wait, why?” But he just looked at me, got into his car and drove away. He drove ten feet up the street, slammed on his breaks, then continued on to his apartment. Meanwhile I just stood there on the side of the road. As he turned the corner I rolled me and my suitcase back into my house.

I couldn’t have opened the door at a worse time. Both my roommates were in the hallway and began asking me, “Weren’t you flying home tonight? Why are you back? I said,”I changed it for tomorrow, some things I need to finish.” Then they asked,”How can you do that? You just changed it like that? Didn’t you get charged?” I bluntly answered,”No.” Then quickly walked inside my room and closed the door.

I sat down at my desk and turned my T.V. on. I tried to distract myself. But I still felt restless and anxious. I didn’t want to be at my house. I couldn’t just sit in my room. I thought about calling one of my girlfriends but I didn’t feel like explaining what happened and going through the whole thing again.

I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I didn’t know what I was doing or why, but I drove to Complicated Guy’s apartment. (I know what you’re thinking, How thick am I?) It was the last place I should of gone but I wanted to go somewhere and he was the first person I wanted to run to. I pulled up to his place, ran to his door and knocked-loudly. He answered right away and said,”Hey.” I said, “I don’t know why I came. This has nothing to do with us but I’m not okay right now.” He pulled me in close and said, “I know. I’m sorry I drove off on you. I feel bad I did that.” He hugged me for a while then invited me inside.

That night we watched a few more episodes of I Love Lucy and called it a night. We were both tired from the weekend and each other.


Monday is always manic. We woke up late and had to rush to the airport. We arrived at the airport with just enough time for me to run to catch my flight. He pulled my suitcase out of his trunk and we said our goodbyes. We stared at each other then we embraced for a long while. He said,”I’ll see you around.” I said,”I’ll see you.” I kissed him one last time and said, “I’ll miss you.” He answered, “I’ll miss you too.” Then we hugged one last time and I ran inside.

Now, I am back home and focusing my attention on myself. (Much needed attention).  I need to work on my songs. I recently enrolled in a Spanish class. I also am spending a lot of time with friends and family. Who knows what could happen or who else I could meet while I am home for part of the summer.

As for Complicated Guy and me…At the present moment all I can say is, Its complicated.

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? Dates from Frog to My Prince Charming


Headline News: Complicated Guy invited me to his Graduation/Party

  I’m glad I attended Complicatd Guy’s graduation. We have been through so much together-good and bad. We also have seen eachother grow up a lot in the last two years. Complicated Guy’s graduation is a day that marks a new stage in his life and a day of pride for me as I celebrate how far I have come.

6/13/2011 Complicated Guy’s Parents Fly In:

A few days prior to Complicated Guy’s graduation, his mom called me, “Hey, hunnie, we’ll all be flying in on Friday late afternoon. Are you coming with Complicated Guy to pick us up at the airport? Then we can all go to dinner. Where do you want to go?” Things just got complicated. Complicated Guy didn’t invite me to come along and pick his family up at the airport and then go to dinner. I said,”Well, I’ll have to see, I’ll talk about it with him.” She said,”Oh, okay thats fine. If you’re busy you don’t have to come to the airport and we can figure out where we want to eat when we get there.” I said, “Ya, that sounds great.” Meanwhile in my head I’m thinking, This is going to be a long eventful weekend.”

I called Complicated Guy and we worked the plans out. He picked up his family from the airport and I met them for dinner. We had a nice dinner (his family picked up my tab, they’re such nice people) then his mom said,”We are going to head back to the hotel and rent a movie, would you like to come?” I looked at Complicated Guy and he smiled so I said, “Sure, why not?” After diner, I got in my car and followed Complicated Guy and his family to the hotel.

We put on the movie while his parents were on one bed and his brother, Complicated Guy and I were smuggled in the other. I’m not going to lie, movie was good, setting a little akward. The movie ended and after his father told me stories of Vietnam and his fight against the war. I loved that he shared his stories with me. He’s a very courgeous and smart man. I was fascinated with all he had to say.


The next morning was Complicated Guy’s big day-Graduation. That day we all were a little tired and slow to get moving. His family was tired from flying in and Complicated Guy and I were tired from finishing up finals.

Of course I woke up twenty minutes before the ceremony began, jumped out of bed, took a quick shower and ran to campus. Luckily, his family was in the enterance when I arrived. His mom saw me and waved me over. I took my seat next to her and suddenly the music and graduates made their enterance. It was an emotional ceremony. The Dean of the University spoke, quoting song lyrics which helped break up the long-typical graduation experience everyone expects. We also had Vince Gill come to speak. He gave a moving speech about friendship. This made me think of my close friends, one of them being Complicated Guy. Every family was encouraged to cheer for their son/daughter so of course his mom and I were thinking of what we should yell across the stadiem to embarrass him. We went with the typical WOOHOO!

After the ceremony Complicated Guy and some of his friends were taking pictures and congradulating eachother. I hope my graduation is similiar, with friends and family surrounding me. I also hope Complicated Guy will be there.

At that point everyone was starving so after driving to three different restaurants that were closed we settled on the first one we initially said. (Doesn’t that always happen). After a great and more than filling meal at Maggiano’s-we all were in need of a nap. The real celebration would occur later that night.

Le Party:

Later that evening Complicated Guy was having a few friends over for his graduation party. I arrived later than I wanted to because I was finishing wrapping Complicated Guy’s gift. Simple yet very thoughtful. I bought him an old fashioned movie star hat(since he wants to be a director), my favorite pen that he said he liked writing with, and a stolen bible that he, stole, I borrowed and now was giving back (Just don’t ask).

Overall it was a fun party. When I arrived everyone was already pretty wasted. I surprised him with his gift, which he loved. I talked with his roommates and a few of our friends. A few hours later the party died down and there were only five of us left. One of our friends asked, “Do you want to go to a local bar?” We all were tired of hanging around the house so we agreed and walked to a bar down the street.

Complicated Guy was sitting on my right and his brother was on my left. Finally I was able to really talk with him. We talked about the whole crazy day, the fact that he really graduated and how nice eachother looked this evening. 

About an hour later, we all walked back to Complicated Guy’s house. Now everyone had left but him, his brother and I. We sat outside talking for a bit then I slowly started making my way to my car. I was tired and cold and I had to go pee. I finally said, “I’m leaving, goodnight” and started walking toward my car when Complicated Guy asked, “Where are you going.’ I said, “I’m going to home and going to sleep.” He just looked at me a bit sad and said, “Oh, okay.” I said,” Okay I’m leaving now and I really have to go pee.” (I probably should have just went at his house, but whatever) His brother was already inside at that point and only him and I were still standing there. I began walking to my car again as Complicated Guy said, “I’ll walk with you.” Then he said, “Do you want me to come with you.” And I said,”I don’t know, if you want.” And he said, “I don’t know if I should, if its a good idea.” I said, “I’m leaving, I have to go, do what you want.” I opened the car door, sat down and he said,”Wait, I’m coming.” I drove back to my place and we fell asleep together.


Sunday morning came and he had plans with his family. I thought about going with them but decided that I should give them time together as a family. Also, I needed sometime to myself. Complicated Guy called me after they ate dinner and invited me to watch a movie at his parents hotel. After the movie, Complicated Guy drove me back to my place. I said, “I had fun tonight and he said, I did too.” We talked for a few minutes when he asked, “So, do you want to come over?” And I said,”I wouldn’t mind.” That night I stayed at his place.


Monday, the day his parents were leaving. His mom calls himin the morning and said,”Goodmorning, I wanted to call you and make sure you were up. We are going to head to breakfast soon. Where would you like to go? I’ll call (Me) to see where she wants to go.” He hangs up the phone with her and two minutes later she called me. She said, “Goodmorning, I hope I didn’t wake you. And I said, “No, I’ve been up.” Meanwhile Complicated Guy and I are laughing. Then she said, “I was wondering if you would like to join us for breakfast, we were thinking ihop? I said, “Ya that sounds great.”  Then she said,”okay, I’ll check with my son.” Again, not even a minute later she calls him back. The whole thing was quite amusing.

An hour later we met up with his family for breakfast. I enjoyed talking with all of them, especially Complicated Guy’s dad. I got to spend more time with his family and get to know them a lot  better. After breakfast we dropped them off at the airport and we both hugged them goodbye. It was sad because I really like them, with all their quirkiness. When they left it reminded me that Complicated Guy and I are not together. He even said, “I liked that you spent time with us, but it was also a little akward because we’ve been on and off and we’re not on right now. I said, “I know.”

For the rest of the day we wanted to relax. We both were very tired. He dropped me off, and I told him, I’ll call you later.” I went over his house later, we ordered a pizza and watched a movie. Thats all we both were up for.

Needlesstosay, my relationship with Complicated Guy is complicated.

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Headline News: My Date with Tune Law:

As of now I am home again. I will be home for over a month. It is a lot more relaxing and slower paced than University life. For awhile it is nice. Although my day to day life is slower, many changes at home are occuring. First, my house is up for sale. I knew that my parents were putting it up for sale someotime this summer. I did see it coming. But it really hit me when I came home, and saw the “For Sale” sign naied into the ground in front of my house. To see it, wa sad and diseartening. Aonther big occurrene is the fact that my parents will be officially divorced in July. I have known for awhile but it still doesn’t change anything. I assumed they would many years so it really is no surprise. Needlesstosay, there are many big changes going on in my home life.

In Other News:

Last week before I left the University I went out with a man I referred to as Tune Law. We met up for our first date Thursday afternoon at the local coffee shop. He was running a few minutes late but did text to inform me. This was great because I was also running a few minutes late. When he walked into the coffee shop we recognized eachother right away. He came over to where I was sitting and asked, “Would you like anything?” (Good sign-he is a gentleman). After he ordered his coffee he came back over to the table and I kid-you-not we talked for about 2 1/2 hours.

The Conversation:

Tune Law and I have a lot in common. In fact, we both seemed to be not only interested in pursueing similiar careers but were at the same place in our careers. The discussion began with us talking about where we were from, what brought us to the South, what we liked about the city, the interesting people we have met within the city, what we are doing to pursue our music careers, how he plans on going back to college to get a degree in entertainment law, and some of our favorite venues/restuarnts we like to perform and eat at. It was also comical that each of us knew and saw a few of the same shows, at least a couple that we both may have attended on the same night. After talking for over 2 1/2 hours I said, “I probably should go, I am suppose to meet up with my girlfriend for dinner.” Then, like a gentleman he escorted me to my car.   

My Thoughts on Tune Law and our First Date:

It was a nice date. No akward moments. He was pleasant to talk with and very cute (Nice eyes). So, why do I feel like I was on an interview? We talked a lot-or mostly- about the music industry and our plans to succeed in it. I was engaged in the conversation. I could talk about the music industry or entertainment industry for hours. But, something bothered me while talking to him. I think its that I like him as a person but there wasn’t a strong connection between us. It was blah.

 I also mention to him that when I returned to the city in July I was planning on recording an EP (about 4 or 5 songs) and I needed to record the rough samples before I flew home. Being the gentleman that he was he said, “Oh, well I have all the equipment to record you at my place.” I said, “Oh, really, well I would need to record them this weekend.” He said, “Ya, that’s fine, why don’t we make a date out of it? Lunch, then after you can come over and we can record your songs?” I said, “Ya, that could work.” (I was a hesitinate because this was our first date, and I don’t know him that well. But I did talk with him for awhile and I usually have a good sense about people.) I said, “Okay, but I had previous plans with my girlfriend so is it alright if she came along?” He said, ” Ya, that’s fine.”

Second Date with Tune Law?:

After talking with my friend about the date on Saturday and recording she said, “I don’t know. I would go with you, but why is he offering to record your songs when he’s only gone out with you one time? I could see him offering after the third or fourth date but now he seems too forward.” I said, ” I don’t know, he seemed like a good enough guy,  I think he is just trying to help a fellow artist. I just wanted to be cautious and bring you.”

Over the next few days I thought about it. Do I want him to record my songs? I  decided that I really didn’t. I texted him Saturday morning and said, “I couldn’t make the date because I was going to record my songs with my girlfriend that afternoon. But we should rescedule when I got back in town.” He texted back,”I meant to text you earlier but I actually had to go out of town this weekend.” I answered, “Okay, text me when you get back.” He never did.

I do not plan on going out with Tune Law again. Not a bad guy, but he is NOT my Prince Charming.

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? Dates from Frog to My Prince Charming


Headline News: In Other News-Complicated Guy Texted Me

Friday May 6th:

It was Friday night when instead of hanging out with a few girlfriends I was finishing a take home final due by midnight. I thought, “Oh, I’ll just work on it for an hour and then go watch a movie (Phantom of the Opera) with them.” Ya right. It took me 3 hours to finish. It was me, my final and Complicated Guy on my mind.

Complicated Guy has Been on My Mind:

What was really bothering me that week was, in between finals and interviewing for various internships, I was thinking a lot about Complicated Guy. Really, for two reasons, I missed him and he was graduating May 14th, the very next weekend. Awhile back I had promised him I would attend his graduation. We are so close and have been through a lot together. My girlfriends told me I should forget him, just let everything go, the whole relationship and move on. They said, “It is better this way, for both of you.” And when I said, “But I promised that I would be there the day he graduated.” They told me, “Well, when relationships end, some promises often are broken, that’s just the way it is.” I can’t say I totally don’t agree with them. It has been a lot of back and forth, on-and-off and maybe we would be better off without each other.  But it bothered me that I could just forget all the time we spent together for over two years. He means more to me than that. And graduation, it was a symbol of our victory. How far he had come and a marker for how much I have grown and will continue to grow while at the University. How could I forget that and move on?

I Debated, Should I Call him? Maybe I Shouldn’t?

After I submitted my take home final at 11:59p.m. I was tired and it was a little late to call/text him now. I decided I would call him tomorrow afternoon. I got ready for bed, stalked a few a people on facebook, tweeted and was about to hop in bed when I kid you not, I get a text from Complicated Guy. He texted me, “Hey, I know this is probably the worst time to text you, but I’ve been thinking a lot about you, I’ve tried to write you many times but I don’t know what to say. There’s a lot of things I want to say but I’m always afraid I’ll just ramblin on.” I replied, “I would listen.” Then he asked, “Would it be okay if I called you?” At that time it was 1:00am and I was tired. I didn’t know if I should even talk to him now or ever.

He Called Me:

Complicated guy called and I picked up. (I know, I probably shouldn’t have). He asked, “How are you doing and if I thought about him?” I said, “I was doing fine.” He apologized to me and said, “I am sorry I hurt you. I have been thinking about you a lot.” He was upset so I asked, Do you want to talk in person? Maybe go out sometime this week?” (I was also tired and wanted to go to sleep). He said, “I don’t know.” I said, “Would you like to come over and talk?” He asked, “Would that be alright.” I said, “Ya.”

He Drove Up to my House:

I decided to wait for him outside on the swing on the front porch. He walked up and the first thing I noticed was he had a tan. (Great, everyone looks hotter with a tan). He said, “Hey, you look good. ” I said, “Thanks, you do too.” We sat down on the swing and we talked about many things, mostly catching up with each other’s lives. I told him, “I was almost finished with finals, just completed writing a song for songwriting class and the recent drama of finding a small critter in my room. (Ew a mouse!). He told me, how he was feeling about graduating, when his parents were coming into town, and the recent music videos his friend and him were working on. That night was a little chilly and after sitting outside for a half hour he asked, “Are you cold? Can we go inside?
” I said, “Ya, lets go inside.”

Then Suddenly:

We both sat down and talked a bit more and suddenly I saw the mouse in the corner of my eye. And screamed! Complicated Guy quickly grabbed my bible (stolen from a motel 6) and tried to bop the mouse over the head. But it was quick and disappeared. (of course). He said, “How long has the mouse been here, did you get traps?” I said, I saw it last week, but I thought it may have died because I haven’t seen it in a while. And I laid out six traps with peanut butter in them.” He looked at all the traps, then looked at me and said, “You are not going to kill the mouse with those traps. You have to get a real mouse trap. One that snaps.” I said, “I know I really should at this point.” He just looked at me then walked over and gave me a hug. He held on to me and  said, “I missed you.” I said, “I know I missed you too.” We talked for a while more and as the night became later and the morning earlier we both became tired. And fell asleep.

Morning After:

We stayed in bed all day. Cuddling and laughing about stupid inside jokes. It was sweet. I always love being around him. We know each other so well and are so comfortable with each other, talking is second nature. That day we didn’t actually get up until 2:00p.m. Around that time, we decided we wanted pancakes at Karpathos Cafe. Good food, great Greek diner.

At the Diner:

At the diner we were still acting silly. At the table we took turns taking pictures of each other. (sunglasses on, sunglasses off). It was a lot of fun. Later we took a drive to the park and enjoyed the rest of the day together.

My Feelings Exactly:

It was good to see him. And I’m glad that he was thinking of me too. We are good together, but for how long? And I’m sure it won’t be long until he gets scared and runs from me. It is important I keep my options open. I am going home next week and space from the University and him is good. There are plenty of frogs to date in any city, including my hometown. I’ll keep you posted.

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? Dates from From to My Prince Charming


Headline News: I Have a Date Today with Tune Law!

Let’s Talk about It:

Yesterday afternoon I received a text. It was from Tune Law! It read, “Hey how’s it going, how have you been? Are you still in town for the summer?” I replied,  Hey, ya I’ll be here until early next week then heading home. Will you be around this summer?” He said, “Ya, and most likely after that for law school. What are you up to this week/weekend, would you like to get dinner/coffee?” I replied, “Yes I would.”

I Have a Date at the Local Cafe:

Today at 4 o clock I am going on  date with Tune Law. I will update you on how that goes after.

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? Dates from Frog to My Prince Charming


Headline News: More Tools, Creepers and Maybe One Good Guy?

First, let me start off by announcing: Finals are Over! I am so excited because this officially means Summer has begun. And you know what comes with Summer, thats right, sweaty, hot, shirtless guys!

Besides studying (cramming and procrastinating) for exams I have been talking to a few new frogs. One frog, may be a little old for me, he’s 32, but he’s a helicopter pilot. Thats just awesome. Another guy is probably a dushbag, based on the fact that his profile picture is a picture of him on his sailboat (yes, he owns a sailboat), wearing Hollister clothes while holding a small glass filled with champagne. HA!

Creepers, Creepers, and Tools Never Cease to Exist:

Among the other frogs I have talked with, or rather, deleted/blocked and never will reply to, are a frog living in fairy tale land, one who is too enthusiastic (and that’s being polite), and another who is just scary.

The first message the fairy tale frog wrote was, “I am looking for a Princess.” (Okay, thats nice). I showed my girlfriends this message and they told me I should reply, “But I’m a Queen.” So I did and he answered, “I would make a great king.” Then I blocked him.

The too enthusiastic Frog’s profile picture and message were both off. His picture was a fruit stand at a market. (Strange). This makes me assume that he is some foreign guy looking to marry an American gal. Ew! In his first message he wrote this, ” Gorgeously sexy!!! You need to be kissed from head-to-toe for hrs. Call me!” Yup, he’s a creeper.

Another Frog’s message read then immediately blocked. He wrote the following, “I dated a girl who wanted to be a singer, and she had a theory that people with U-shaped smiles were perceived as unfriendly. And people with C-shaped smiles were perceived as friendly. A U is when your teeth go straight back in your mouth. A C is when there’s a big row of pearly whites in the front. And to my ex, it was more than a theory. She actually got her teeth surgically reshaped from a U to a C. Christina Aguilera is a U and Britney Spears is a C. Look at the cover of Us or any magazine, and you’ll see that it’s always a C smile on the cover. (No comment.)

The Maybe ONE Good Frog:

Yes, how about that one decent frog I have been talking to lately? I will refer to him as Mr. Tune Law because he is a musician (always playing in tune) and is planning on attending Law school to become an Entertainment Lawyer in the Fall.  Mr. Tune Law describes himself as: “I have a good sense of humor. I work in radio/advertising. I like to write and record music in my free time, and I play out occasionally when something interesting comes up.  I’m also into sports and staying active. Baseball is my favorite “traditional” kind of sport and I’ve played my whole life, but these days I’m more into wakeboarding and snowboarding. I’m trying to keep my foot in the door of the music industry any way I can. As for the future I find myself going to law school to study entertainment law in the near future. We’ll just see where life takes me… as far as this site goes, I’d say I’m here to meet a girl who is happy, likes to go out and have a good time with friends/meet new people, and is respectful of herself and of others. A good sense of humor is a big plus… but most of all we just need to get along and have fun with each other.”

Preconceived Notions about Mr. Tune Law:

From his profile he seems charismatic and a very sweet sincere person. He is someone who also seems to have a lot of drive. He may not have one direction in the music industry but I believe he is the type of person who must complete a project or goal if he has set his mind to it. I respect that about him. Also, he is really cute.

I hope to go out on a date with Mr. Tune Law this week and get to know him a little better.

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? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming


Headline News: I Had it Coming, The Truth Between Complicated Guy and I:

Manic Sunday:

Sunday was crazy. It was Easter! Easter Sunday: breakfast with parents, cofffee with girlfriend, lunch with the rest of the family and flying back to University. (Oh, and packing and printing my boarding pass too)


At the airport, in between my 3 hour flight delay, I called friends to wish them Happy Easter. One of the people I called was Complicated Guy. He didn’t answer.

Finally, I arrived. I’m back in Town:

My girlfriend picked me up at airport at midnight. (Flight really delayed) I was starving when she picked me up so I said, “Late night run to McDonalds?” She said, “Ya, McDonald french fries!”

On the drive to McDonald’s I texted Complicated Guy. No response.

My girlfriend and I chatted for awhile, ate our deliciously greasy french fries and later she dropped me off at my house. I changed , unpacked, and still no response from Complicated Guy.

So…I Called him, One More Time:

I called Complicated Guy one last time to wish him a Happy Easter. To be a decent person, friend, whatever. He finally picked up.

I said, “Hey, I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter, I just got back in town.” He answered, “That’s good, we really can’t keep doing this.” I said, “Well, I told you I would call you over the break and wish you a Happy Easter, so here I am.” He replied, “Yes, you did. But, it’s not just a phone call, we can’t keep pretending like this. You’ll want to come see me and you can’t, because you don’t have self control. I don’t have self control. I can’t keep seeing you and act like everything is fine.” I said, “You are my friend, I just wanted to call and wish you a Happy Easter, but clearly, I shouldn’t have.” He said, “The fact of the matter is, we are in denial. We don’t have a good relationship anymore. I am not going to change and some of our differences cannot be compromised. I said, “I know, we tried. I can’t be with you.” He answered, “I know. I’ve thought a lot about us, I have tried to make it work, but what I give you is not enough. No matter what I give you want more.” (This is undeniably true). We started out great, but now we dysfunctional.” I answered, “Ya. We are. I don’t know, just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.”

Then nothing was said. He thought I hung up on him. He asked, “Are you there.” I said, “Yes, I’m still here.” But he did not hear me and then he hung up. Not wanting to leave it that way, before I went to bed I texted him one last time, “I’m glad for the time we shared. I love you. Goodbye.”

An Ending and New Beginning?:

I hope an end and new beginning awaits both of us. To say I’ll never see him again is probably a lie. I will see him again. I do not know when or in what context but it is bound to happen. Now we grow separately. This is hard. It sucks!

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